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Unit 16 Subject Verb Agreement Answers

4 1) OBJECT/CONTRACT VERB PS-16. 4. Some words, often used as subjects, are always singular. Remember them!! (everyone, one, nobody, nobody, everyone, anyone, someone, someone, anyone, nobody, anything.) For example, everyone wants to make good grades. Some words, often used as subjects, are always plural. Remember them!! (Several, a few, both, many). Ex. Some staff members understand the idea of an attendance policy. Some words can be either singular or plural depending on how they are used.

(some, all, all, most). Ex. Some of the fruits are lazy. (Some fruits are lazy.) Some of these apples are lasy. 7 4. Either my cousin or my uncle (was) on the hotlist. 5. Neither Ms. Jones nor any of her staff will participate in the meeting.

CHECK YOUR ANSWERS. 7. If the sentence has assembled subjects (more than one subject) that are by and connected, the verb is usually plural. Ellis and John are twins. 6 The beginning of the story (and) the end of the story were exciting. 6. If the compound subjects are related by or not, the verb must correspond to the close subject. Either the old men or the young man was responsible for the beautiful music. Neither the teacher nor the students are in class this morning. Summer 2012 revision. 2.

SUBJECT/VER AGREEMENT PS-16. EXERCISE D: Emphasize the correct form of the verb. 1. I have no problem with science or mathematics. 2. Either the cat or the dogs (greet, greet) at the door. 3. Neither the men who are heard as directors, nor the woman who is also registered (has been) appointed to the board of directors. 10 ANSWERS. EXERCISE A: THE TOPIC IS HIGHLIGHTED.

1. Student, works 2. he, Student 3rd student, go 4. Photos, were 5 children, want exercise B: THE THEME IS EMPHASIZED. 1. Building, were 2. applications, have 3. student, a 4th panels, are 5th winners, SEEMS PRACTICAL C: THE THEME IS EMPHASIZED. 1. some, have 2. each is 3. several, blows 4.

everything, was 5. ni, corresponds to praxis D: THE THEME IS UNDERLINED. 1. Natural sciences, mathematics, gives 2. cat, dogs, greetings 3. Men, women, a 4th…