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The Agreement Entered Into With Free Consent Is Mcq

24. Agreements entered into by incompetent parties are considered _______ The Indian Contracts Act 1872 is part of the Legal Aspects of Business (LAB). These multiple choice questions can be useful for graduates and graduates of different courses such as MBA, M. Com, BBA, B. Com, etc. 28. The agreement that was concluded without free consent is named ___________ 6. Among the people who are not able to conclude a contract, there is no love & Affection b Charity c Prescription debt of Social Contracts 5. A/year _________ is not a person capable of entering into a contract 8. “A contract is an agreement that creates and defines obligations between the parties”, the definition was defined by 29. When a boss forces his employee to enter into a contract and obtain his agreement using his authority, it means that the agreement of 36 will be obtained.

Which of the type of performance of the contract is not part of the discharge by mutual agreement a. Notification of acceptance b. Compliance with the conditions of the offer 8. Free consent is consent obtained without 23. An agreement that is not applicable by law, ______ is not an exception party if contact without consideration. One party agrees to pay money for the occurrence of an uncertain event, taking into account the other party`s promise of payment if the event does not occur. A agrees to marry B and B promises to bring back the life of A`s dead mother, the agreement is 27 years. A threatens to kill B if B is not in contact with A. So B is under contract with A.

The agreement of B by_____________ 25 is obtained. Limiting Agreement __________ Sally`s employer refused to pay her the £20,000. Can Sally take legal action to secure payment of £20,000? 17. A dress displayed in a theater with a price tag is an example of 22. In business agreements, people intend to form a relationship _____ a) Dr Ambedkar b) Pollock c) Salmonds d) N.D.Kapoor a. Commerce b.c. Legal proceedings d.all mentioned above is MCQs Sentence I on Indian Contract Act 1872: 22. The object of the contract should be moral and not be against 15. The purpose of the terms of the tender must be to establish legal relations 25.

The change of advantage from one party to another in a contract is called. (Years: b) X invited Y to his wedding and Y accepts participation. But Y did not go to the function. In this case, X can purchase an offer b offer c invitation to the offer of acceptance 18. X offers to sell his horse for rs.300000 To Y says he would buy if X agrees to give the horse for 250000. This is an example of a) Sue Y b) Cannot bring legal action c) Claims d) Cancel contract George buys a vase from Louis for £20. Louis thinks the vase is worthless, but George knows it`s precious. George would later sell it for £10,000. What legal action can Louis take against George? 9. A contract in which both parties have fulfilled their obligations, ___ The performance of a contract is called _____ 23. A invited B for his sister wedding and B accepts participation.

This is an example of the _____ Acceptance must be adopted by ___ .