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E Stamping Tenancy Agreement Hong Kong

There are 3 methods to stamp rentals. Hong Kong hk, Hong Kong – Sole proprietorship based in Hong Kong, MINISTRY OF INLAND REVENUE For all types of instruments, including real estate and stock exchange transaction documents, you can present the original instrument with a stamp and supporting documents to the Stamp Office Counter. In the case of a rental agreement, the request can be sent by mail. You can apply for a stamp without filing the original paper instrument with the Stamp Office Counter in respect of agreements and assignments as well as leases (except in cases subject to the decision or accompanied by requests for exemption, exemption, remission or refund). In the case of a rental agreement, the request can be sent by mail. Upon receipt of an application for a stamp containing the necessary documents and payment, the Stamp Office shall issue either a certificate of stamp for the instrument or mark a stamp on the document. Stamp certificates issued by the stamp receipt collector have the same legal status as conventional instrument stamps. Certificate authentication is possible for www.gov.hk/estamping. After selecting a rental agreement for the stamp application Account opening / business account verification for page 2/5, a sole proprietorship based in Hong Kong hk-sop-hk 517r25e-m (180518) i (1) Opening an account in Hong Kong – Sole proprietorship based in Hong Kong 9 Example 4A 4-year lease with a right for the tenant, break at the end of the second year is considered a period of 4 years. Calculation of stamp duty Calculations are made on the basis of the stamp of the documents within thirty days from the date of signature of the contracts. Otherwise, sanctions will be imposed. Fixed rent On July 1, 2010, an 8-month lease was signed with an example of a 5-month rent of $US 5,000. The amount of stamp duty is $100 [ $5,000 x 8 x ].

Fixed rental On January 4, 2010, a lease of 2 copies was signed for a period of 2 years with a monthly rent of 7000 $US. You can file stamp applications in large quantities with a maximum of 5,000 instruments at the same time and pay the stamp duty by a single payment. As you continue from the page with 5 steps, the first page is displayed since the deposit of the lease details 2 The start date of the contract does not affect the deadline. An un stamped lease agreement cannot be provided as evidence in civil proceedings and cannot be filed or replicated by an official or entity. STAMP PROCEDURE 3. With effect from 2 August 2004, you can choose one of the following methods to mark a rental agreement: (i) Via the Internet ( ) The most convenient is to submit a STAMPING application to the GovHK via the Internet. This is a 24-hour service and you don`t need to present the original lease to the stamp office….