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Depository Services Agreement

Gazprombank`s deposit has been active since 1994 and is currently Russia`s main depository. The depositary of Gazprombank informs depositors that WTRC and TREC have been executed for shares of separate issuers. Depositors have the right to exercise their right to a tax reduction at the tax rate set out in the tax agreement between the taxable person and the Russian authorities, which provides for a reduced rate for non-residents of the Russian Federation or the rate provided for in the corresponding article of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation for residents of Russia. The infrastructure set up by the GPB Bank (JSC), including Russia`s largest network of regional depositories, which ensures the most efficient, fastest and most productive cooperation, enables the Bank`s specialized depository to offer companies in all Russian regions a wide range of services, such as: NSD offers equity issuers the following services: Bank GPB (JSC) provides the services of a specialized company the licensed depositary for the activities of specialized depositaries of investment funds; Private investment funds and pension funds No. 22-000-0-00021 issued on 13 December 2000 by the Federal Securities Commission of Russia, and professional securities market player licence for deposit-making activities No 177-04464-000100, issued by the Federal Securities Commission of Russia on 10 January 2001. The Bank`s extensive deposit network allows it to offer a wide range of deposit services to clients across the country. > Financial Market Services > Depository Services The depositary`s high level of technology enables securities sales to be made in the shortest possible time. Gazprombank`s deposit interagulates with the settlement deposit, while serving as market makers and international clearing centers to allow sales of securities on all Russian exchanges. Conditions for deposit services with Credit Agricole CIB AO (customer procedures) of 02.07.2019 The depositary of Gazprombank is one of the largest in the Russian depository services market with an extensive regional network that offers deposit services practically everywhere in the country. Gazprombank`s depository offers a wide range of deposit services, such as Gazprombank: Gazprombank offers its clients a full range of deposit services to carry out credit, deposit, REPO, brokerage and brokerage transactions. Gazprombank`s Depository Center is the undisputed leader in the Russian depository services market and has obtained the highest insurance rating (AAA). Gazprombank`s deposit network is truly unique in Russia, both in terms of the number of shareholders served and affiliated regional custodians.

All the resources and capabilities of the Depository Center are used for our customers, who can use our state-of-the-art services virtually anywhere in the country. The Bank`s depositary has received a AAA rating and occupies the first place in the top 30 of the largest Russian depositaries in terms of market value of investment services provided [1] Document forms for depositary services (Annex 1 to the conditions of deposit services) of 02.07.2019 To obtain tax compensation, A foreign nominal holder, an authorised foreign holder, an agent (a professional securities market player) should provide general information about its clients from the date on which a Russian organisation defines persons entitled to receive dividends. . . .