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Work For Hire Agreement Graphic Design

If the work is produced by an independent contractor, it must also fall within one of the nine legal categories of contract works described by copyright law. B. Artist undertakes to cooperate fully with Company (Work-for-hire Co.) to pursue such an action, and Company (Work-for-hire Co.) reimburses any previously authorized costs it may incur as a result of such a collaboration. B. The company (Work-for-hire Co.) has the option of renewing the subject contract for an additional period of monthly [number] on the same terms as the contract provided for, by informing Artist in writing of his intention to extend this agreement at least [number] of days before the expiry of the period. 5. PROPERTY RIGHTS A. It is understood and agreed that the artwork will be developed for the exclusive and exclusive use of Company (Work-for-hire Co.), which is considered the exclusive and exclusive owner of all rights, titles and interests, including all copyrights and related property rights. All works done by Artist on Projects and related works of art are considered “Works Made for Hire” (as defined in U.S. copyright laws) and are therefore the property and benefit of Company (Work-for-hire Co.). The transfer of all ownership of the work means that you, the client or the client, have the right to do all these things.

B. Artist is an independent contractor and not an employee of The Company (Work-for-hire Co.). Artist is not entitled to company-based benefits or programs (Work-for-hire Co.) to its staff. As you can see, it`s really important to know what your end goal is so that you can enter into long-term transfer or licensing agreements. If you don`t know where you`re going, you have no idea if it`s reasonable to pay more for work that costs a little more or if a licensing agreement is appropriate. Frank Martinez is a special advisor on copyright and fair dealing issues at AIGA. Frank has extensive experience in copyright, trademark and patents; he was responsible for character design problems in the United States.