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Skype Agreement

(i) Fixed and mobile telephone call: rates for telephone calls (excluding subscription) consist of a connection fee (single, per call) and a per-minute rate, such as www.skype.com/go/allrates. All calls are separated and require a new choice after a 4-hour period and an additional connection fee is charged for the new choice. 9.2 Skype Credit inactive. If you don`t use your Skype credit for 180 days (including Skype credits given to you by a Skype administrator), Skype puts your Skype credit in active. You can reactivate Skype credit by following the “Reactivation” link under My Account under secure.skype.com/account/credit-reactivate. The reactivated Skype credit will not be refunded. If you are in Japan and you purchase Skype credits from the Skype website, this paragraph does not apply to you and your Skype credit expires 6 months from the date of purchase. You are not allowed to use Skype credits on the expiry date or expiry date. “Consumer TOU”: The Http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/servicesagreement/ agreement of Microsoft Services, which regulates the use of Skype Internet communication products that can be used with a consumer account; c) you cannot rent, rent, lend, sell, resell or transfer the software to third parties without the recipient`s written consent, without the written consent of DEVELOPER ™. 3.1 Skype may make changes to these terms from time to time. Skype publishes changes on www.skype.com/go/tou. Changes to fair dealing policies and/or additional conditions will be published on Skype`s website. Changes take effect when they are published.

Please check the conditions regularly. You understand and accept that your express acceptance of the terms and conditions or your use of Skype software, products and/or websites after the publication date constitutes your consent to the Updated Terms. If you do not agree with the amended terms, you can terminate your relationship with Skype in accordance with paragraph 11 below. 2.2 You cannot accept these conditions if: a) you are not allowed to use Skype software, products and/or websites in the country you are in or staying in, or (b) if you are not a major in entering into a binding agreement with Skype. 18.3 These terms and conditions form the full agreement between you and Skype regarding your use of Skype software, products and/or websites and replace all previous agreements between you and Skype regarding Skype software, products and/or websites. 10.3.1 Phone calls: If you have not purchased a subscription, the ability to call is a recommended product, with a charge consisting of a connection rate and a per-minute rate as set on go.skype.com/prices. The duration of a phone call should be based on one-minute steps. The fractions of minutes are rounded to the next minute. The connection fee is charged, if any, when the call is made.