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Pentaho License Agreement

a license issued to the licensee in accordance with this CAU to allow an authorized user to use the software. The number of user licenses issued to the licensee depends on the fees paid by the licensee. The interview is included in the Pentaho subscription fee. The license keys made available to the customer are valid for the subscription period and, if an updated version is released during that period, the customer can download the new version and continue to use its latest software key. The licensee may delegate the licence to the following entities: (i) the following parties in the event of a merger, acquisition or change of control; or (ii) if the licensee is the supplier of a government authority; However, provided (a) that the licensee is informed in writing within ninety (90) days of the assignment, b) the assignee agrees to be bound by the conditions set out in this CLUE and (c) the agent authorized for this assignment no longer uses the software granted under this CLUE. “embedded software,” any third-party software that may contain accessible code, code or protected support, which is authorized by a third-party vendor`s licensee and integrated into the software. If the licensee reasonably suspects that the software was disclosed to a person or party without the licensee`s prior written consent or that it was received from a party, that the embedded software varies, is either called or used independently of the software, or that the licensee otherwise violates a clause of that CLU and , in particular, without limitation, its obligations under point 7 above. The licensee reserves the right to make available to the purchaser a certificate exported by the auditor of the licensee, exported by the auditor of the licensee, who verifies compliance with the conditions of this board. These applications are not submitted more than once in a calendar year. If such an unqualified certificate is not received by the donor within 90 calendar days of necessity, it is presumed that there has been a violation of this CLA, which allows the donor to terminate the licences issued under this ECJ. The software is licensed, not sold.

Once the licensee has accepted this BUM, the licensee grants the licensee the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the software under the following conditions: this BUM (and any complement or modification of this BUM contained in the software) is the overall agreement between the licensee and the licensee regarding the software, and it replaces all prior or oral or written communications. , proposals and assurances regarding the software or other issues covered by this CLE.