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Subscription License Agreement Deutsch

Translate the text of each application or website in a single click The user accepts the terms of the CLUE, for example by removing the slide around the software packaging, opening the product seal, sending an email to the software manufacturer, installing the application, running a downloadable file or simply using the app. The user may refuse to accept the contract by returning the software and getting the purchase price refunded, or by clicking the unreased button to confirm the CLU`s terms during installation. Results: 258. Exactly: 4. Processing time: 432 ms. An end user license agreement (EULA), in German end-user license agreement, is a contract between the developer or publisher of a software and the user of the application. The BJE, often referred to as a software license, is comparable to a lease. The user agrees to pay for permission to use the software and assures the developer or publisher that he meets all the conditions specified in the LAE.