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Subject Verb Agreement Questions For Bank Po Pdf

Ram or his cousins came? (Here`s the next topic, Ram – the singular. Therefore, “a” is used) > If the themes are linked by the following, then the verb will be in agreement with the FIRST theme. – With, and no, in addition, but, except, otherwise, nothing less than, instead of, with, accompanied by. Payal and his parents are coming to Z.B. My brother, unlike my cousins, is very cooperative. Business is the subject, so the right pronoun should be “that.” If the subject is followed by words like “with, as well as” with, then the singular verb follows the singular subject. Air pollution and waste are followed by “with,” so it takes a singular verb “Is.” In accordance with the verb-subject agreement it should “was”. 10) `was` instead of `were` 11) no error 12) `write` instead of writing 13) `assisted` instead of help 🔹note – dignity/would rather have followed by a clause in conjunctivit. This is how v2 is used. For a better understanding of the subjunctive mind of some verbs, go through ⬇️ 💯Ct give the subjunctive mind of a verb 14) The sentence is quite correct. See the explanatory note of question 13. 10) It was the students (1) who wanted: that the teacher (2)/ today declared leave (3)/ no error 11) No pupil (1)/ and no teacher (2)/ was present (3) /no error 12) I did my (1)/ Friend wrote (2)/ a letter in blue ink (3)/no error 💯click here for important questions of detection of NOUN errors (with solution) An example of subject-verb disagreement: Harish or Umesh were present at the wedding. (False) Harish or Umesh was present at the wedding.

(Exact) I`m the smartest person in this group. (False) I`m the smartest person in this group. (Exact) The subject is singular, so it will be rotten, since the verb in the anterior form is `knew`, the helping verb must be in the anterior form. 1) The sentence given is quite correct. 🔹Tip – If the subject that is used after “none goal” is singular, it takes a singular verb, and if the subject is plural, it takes a plural 2) `Many a` takes a singular subject and a singular verb. 3) Add `authorized` to `hat` 🔹Inference – In a compound sentence, subsidiary and main verbs should be mentioned separately when they differ in number, form or voice. In such cases, a verb cannot act for both clauses. 4) “Did she work” instead of “she worked” 🔹Insindication – If a sentence is introduced by an adverb, in this case, the reverse form of the verb is used. 5) “she will be” instead of “she wants” 6) was instead of being. 🔹In other points, if two subjects are connected by and/like/in opposition /next to/not/together, the verb corresponds to the first subject.

7) No error 🔹Tip – `more than one` takes on a single name and a singular verb. 8) No error `More.. It`s like taking a pluralistic verb. 9) instead of 🔸handy – one-third ✔️ one-third ❌ but if there is more than one in the number such as two, three, etc. then two-thirds ❌ two-thirds✔️ three fourth ❌ three-quarters✔️ If it is followed by the plural noun noun, then the plural is used in the plural and then it is used by noun or noun. For example, two-thirds of the book is easy to understand, ✔️ two-thirds of the book was sold.