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Nacho Nyak Dun Final Agreement

7 For better security, a first nation for which a final agreement is in force has the rights, titles, commitments and commitments relating to the dwelling areas provided for in the final agreement. 9 (1) To achieve their objectives, the Yukon Land Use Planning Council, the Yukon Heritage Resources Board, the Yukon Geographical Place Names Board, the Fish and Wildlife Management Board and its salmon management subcommittee, as well as the dispute resolution body established under final agreements, have the capacity, rights, powers and privileges of a natural person. CONSIDERANT that agreements may be entered into by persons registered under final agreements on Yukon Aboriginal lands on land in British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, as well as on Aboriginal rights to Yukon land by some persons outside the Yukon; The country of colonization refers to a country identified in the final agreement of a first nation as a country of colonization of the first nation; (designated land) 2. For greater security, such an agreement is binding on all persons and entities who are not contracting parties. 16 Consultations in 20.6.3 of a final agreement on the measures necessary for the implementation of clause 20.6.1 or 20.6.2 of the agreement will be carried out in the manner provided for by the Treaty. Legislation to approve, enforce and report valid land agreements between Her Majesty the Queen in Canadian law, the Government of the Yukon and some Yukon nations, for the approval, execution and declaration of other valuable land rights after this Act came into force, and to subsequently amend other laws and the Government of Canada, has committed to recommending legislation to Parliament. authorisation to act and declare final agreements and existing cross-border agreements; 4. In the event of conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of the framework agreement contained in a final agreement in force and the provisions of the final agreement specific to the First Nation, the provisions of the framework agreement are given priority or coordinated. 6.

If there is any doubt as to the importance of a provision of this Act, a final agreement or cross-border agreement that is actually in force may be considered an aid to interpretation. The First Nation has been very active in the country claims movement since its inception in 1973. Members of the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation played a significant role in leading the First Nations Council and its members during the critical periods that ended in 1984, when negotiations and the rejection of the agreements ended. Two of the crucial issues were the lack of autonomy and the abolition of Aboriginal rights. These two important elements, the self-management and maintenance of Aboriginal rights over residential areas, were finally incorporated into the 1993 agreements. The NND now has 435 members. As the first self-managed nation, the Nacho Nyak Dun has the capacity to legislate on behalf of its citizens and its country. Under the land agreement, the First Nation now owns 1830 square miles of habitat and will receive US$14,554,654.00 over 15 years. The First Nation has been actively involved in the affairs of the Mayo community and has worked to promote a better and healthier lifestyle for future generations and a strong economy based on its rich natural resources.