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Greenway Health Corporate Integrity Agreement

Unfortunately, according to the DOJ, some EHR providers have played the system. For example, in February 2019, the DOJ announced that it had entered into a settlement agreement with Greenway Health of Tampa, Florida, regarding the False Claims Act (“FCA”) allegations regarding the company`s EHR software. In particular, the DOJ asserted that Greenway had improperly obtained certification for its software that did not fully meet certification standards and was able to cause patient safety errors. The DOJ also stated that Greenway had achieved this by modifying its prototype software, which it felt met the requirements. To resolve the complaint, Greenway agreed to pay US$57.25 million and entered into a five-year agreement on the integrity of the business. Federal lawyers yesterday announced the government`s comparison with the “EHR”) supplier Greenway Health, LLC (“Greenway”) of False Claims Act (“FCA”) allegations for a $57.25 million payment and Greenway`s acceptance of a corporate integrity agreement (“CIA”). The government`s FCA complaint was filed by the U.S. Attorney`s Office for the District of Vermont, the same office that conducted the civil transaction with EHR eClinicalWorks in May 2017 for $155 million. The village of Greenway is the second largest civil settlement in Vermont`s history, which is only crowned by the eClinicalWorks settlement.

Ms. Kraus focuses her practice on representing health facilities in regulatory compliance issues. Ms. Kraus advises clients on compliance with federal and national fraud and abuse laws, assists clients in responding to government investigations, and represents clients in litigation with the False Claims Act. Ms. Kraus also assists clients in regulatory due diligence in transaction cases and through representation of interests with federal and regional supervisory authorities, and uses its context in public health policy. to help customers maximize opportunities in the changing health landscape… When Greenway Health ended the False Claims Act and anti-kickback charges with the U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday, the electronic health data provider also committed that the DOJ had an “innovative” enterprise integrity agreement. Independent certification bodies are used to verify and verify that the EHR system provided by the EHR provider meets certain requirements. In April 2018, CMS changed the name of the EHR`s Interoperability Program (IP) interest program. The impact of this change is to “move programs beyond the existing requirements of judicious use in a new phase of the EHR measurement, with a greater emphasis on interoperability and improved patient access to health information.

Pi requirements include certifications, certification criteria and usage parameters.