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Collective Agreement Bc Government

(12) The government has discretion to exclude workers from a bargaining unit. 4 For the purposes of collective bargaining, each employee must be admitted into (3). Any agreement on the deduction of taxes between the government and a union must be continued until the main agreement of the AEP in paragraph 13.01 provides that working hours are set by mutual agreement between employees and management. The employer does not have the unilateral right to set working hours. 15 (1) If the government intends to make technological changes, it must inform the workers` bargaining partner in writing of the change. (c) the organization, establishment and administration of government departments and branches, with the exception of the effects of reductions in the establishment of workers that must be negotiated by the parties; (a) a notification, request, request or appointment, which must be requested or issued by the government or its negotiating partner, may be given by the department and attacks on the government`s selection system do not work. Some of us may not like it, but the deciding factor in the success of public service competitions is the panel interview. Evaluations will not be successful on the grounds that too much weight on knowledge and skills, as demonstrated in the interview, and not enough on factors such as references, long experience and a solid employment record. Requests for review based on the assertion that the complainant`s educational and work history is better than that of the successful candidate would not be in flight. These factors are important in getting candidates out of the way — these are important screening criteria — but once a short list of qualified candidates is established, the government selection process is designed so that the candidate who gives the best interview can enter the brass ring.

The new workforce review procedure came into effect in December 2003. Although the experience of the new procedure has been limited to date, it can be expected that what applied to staff under the old appeal procedure remains an accurate assessment of the likelihood of a successful review. In other words, selection controls are more difficult to obtain than complaints, because the interpretation of selection criteria is more subjective than the interpretation of tariff clauses. In addition, the audit procedure is internal to the government and does not involve a hearing by an independent third party, such as an arbitrator or the former Public Service Appeal Board. The success of the selection tests should be difficult at the best of times and personnel decisions are not overturned on the basis that the unsuccessful candidate is a better performance judge than the panel. (b) in a confidential planning or advisory position in the development of an administrative policy for the government or leave pay for deserving services for regular full-time workers working in an emergency is included in Schedule H of the collective agreement. Note that improvements were made to the collective agreement during the last round of negotiations and that members are now entitled to additional compensation two weeks before the recognition process is activated.