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British Columbia Representation Agreement

A representative appointed in an expanded representation agreement has the same powers as a designated representative under a standard contract in 7 and may also be allowed to do the following: In accordance with Section 27, you must notify the representative and the assistant representative and the supervisor in writing in order to terminate a representation agreement. With a replacement agreement, you have a say in people who make personal and health decisions for you if you become incapable. You may be able to reduce the burden on your family and friends. And you can avoid the government being involved in your personal and medical choices. (c) if the adult is aware that the agreement to represent or amend or revoke any of the provisions implies that the agent can make or make decisions about the adult; As mentioned above, in a representation agreement, you can give your representatives the power to handle your personal and health affairs as well as your legal and routine financial affairs. Under the current BC Act, representation agreements can also cover important financial matters such as the purchase or sale of real estate. You can indicate in your representation agreement what your representative must respect when making decisions on your behalf and when and under what circumstances the agreement must enter into force. (c) the person who signs the agreement is an adult who is not designated as a representative or alternate representative in the agreement and who is not a witness to the agreement (4) To be mentioned as a monitor in a representation agreement, a person must be at least 19 years of age, ready and able to perform the duties and exercise the powers of a monitor. Section 9 deals with atypical representation agreements for all issues related to personal care and health care. Section 10 states that to conclude this type of agreement, you need to understand the nature and consequences of the document when you meet with it.

Under this type of agreement, you can give general or specific powers. A representative with general authority may approve or deny health care, including the health care needed to sustain life. 5. A person designated as a monitor in a representation agreement must complete the certificate of a monitor in the prescribed form. 3. Those referred to in subsection 2 are not present together at the signing of the representation agreement and one or more of them may sign in return. Unless otherwise stated in your agreement, your representation agreement will enter into force as soon as it is signed and certified. However, there is no need to use it immediately if you do not need help. You may want a trusted third party to keep the document with instructions to disclose it to your representative only if necessary. (8) When a monitor withdraws, dies, becomes incapable or becomes incapable of being an observer for another reason, the power conferred on each representative by the representation agreement is suspended until (c) a credit union or loyalty company, as long as the jurisdiction of the credit union or loyalty company does not cover, under the representation agreement.

, health care or personal care.