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Artist Booking Agent Agreement

11. Disposal: this provides for the transfer of the contract to other parties if necessary. Are you considering hiring a booking agent to help you manage your performance plan? Aren`t you sure what a travel agent artist deal is and how to get a deal? This type of agreement is also called a reservation agency contract. It is a contract between an agent and an artist. The artist undertakes to use the agent to book performances for the artist. It should include the rights and obligations of the agent and the compensation that the agent receives. This is a very broad contract and should include, among several other clauses, at least the following clauses to ensure that the agent and the rights of the artist are protected. Whenever you are considering entering into a contract or legal agreement, it is advisable to obtain legal information from a business lawyer. You will be able to provide you with all the legal assistance you need. Lawyers are highly qualified and you can provide informed advice on your business contract. This site is intended only for self-educational purposes. Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice or recommendation. In addition, the content of this site can make me obsolete and fake.

Always consult an experienced lawyer, especially before you make a deal! 4. Agent Compensation: This informs the agent of the specific amount of money he will receive and when he will be paid. It is very detailed and contains details of compensation and the percentage of all income the agent will receive. 15. Competence: describes the state in which the agreement was executed. This treaty is governed by the laws of that state. Treaty on India Canada Rentals Agreements on talent agencies Ooreenkoms Kontrak – South Africa Accord Hospital Management Agreements Partnership Contracts SaaS Agreements Software Contracts Pennsylvania Agreement Samples Pre-Nup Agreement Australia Samples Examples of contracts India Divorce India Free rental and rental India Free Lease Agreement Samples Indian Contract Act 12. Violation and Healing: If the contract is violated, the conditions of healing are defined in this area. 14. Notes: Indicates the address at which all messages and payments must be sent to the agent and the artist. 13.

Legal representation: the artist recognizes his right to legal representation. 2. Agent`s obligations: The functions of the agent must be clearly defined. This is a fundamental description of the mission that the agent must perform for the artist. 3. Agent Rights: This allows the agent to know what he can and cannot do and what is expected of the artist in return. 10. Exclusiveness: the artist undertakes not to act with another person to act within the capacity for which the agent was mandated. 7. Authority: Determines what the agent can do for the artist. 8.

Definitions: Sets different terms of the contract. 1. The scope of the agreement: this describes the work to be done. 5. Expenditure: Allows the agent to know what is reimbursed in accordance with the services he provides to the artist. Including phone calls, travel and advertising expenses. He advises the agent on how to submit his claims and on the date on which he receives a refund of his expenses. 6. Duration and duration: this area covers the duration of the contract and the question of whether and how it can be renewed. 9. Independent Activities: Allows the agent to provide the services of artists to others, as agreed by the artist.

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